Acibadem Amsterdam
Arlandaweg 100
1043 HP Amsterdam


Acibadem International Medical Center is a medical specialist centre with 16 specialties under one roof, for multidisciplinary diagnostic research, a wide range of out-patient treatments and small operations. Designed and built for this include: class-1 ‘s OK, MRI, CT-scan, x-ray Department, Department of dentistry and Gynecology.




AGS Architects Amsterdam, together with the turn-key contractor, has translated the program of requirements into Dutch regulations. Based on these principles, we have made the design and the procedures for the transformation from office to hospital. The licensing program has also been coordinated by our Amsterdam office.

Our interior designers have in close cooperation with Acibadem developed a concept where Art and Nature are central. The concept is developed in materials and colors that both Dutch Design touches like typical Turkish style characteristics. It was opened in april 2017.

Duration: February 2016 – April 2017

In collaboration with 70F Architecture

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